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Each piece of Ornement Artisan Jewelry is handmade and should be treated with care. Avoiding excessive sunlight, moisture, cosmetics & perfumes will help to preserve the integrity of your jewelry. Proper care & maintenance is especially true for gold plated jewelry in order to prolong the lifespan of the piece and will reduce the effects of wear. Storing your jewelry separate from other pieces, preferably in the original dust bag, will prevent scratching and erosion. All pieces made with solid brass components will develop a natural patina over time. However, brass can easily be restored to it's original state with various natural cleaning options. A simple brass polishing cloth or mild soap & water are our recommended methods for basic cleaning. Brass should always be dried thoroughly after any moisture exposure to prevent water spots and accelerated oxidation. Harsh chemical or abrasive cleansers should be avoided for all jewelry pieces, as they may damage the metals and/or the gemstones.